Along with a lot of little bug fixes, tweaks and general improvements we launched some pretty major visual updates to the website to help improve your experience with us.  Also, with the revamp of the site design we did some work to improve our site search to help you find the great synths you’re looking for.


Site Design Update

Our green Photosynth theme has been with our team since the beginning and we didn’t want to lose it completely, but we did realize that as our pages got longer with more useful community content we needed to improve the design to help make that content easier to read.  The darker background and colors also help the great photos in your synths shine the most on the page.  Have a look around the site with the new design and let us know your thoughts.


Comments & Geotags on Tradecards

We added the comment count and geotag icon to tradecards across the site to help you see what synths have been located on the map and what synths are being actively discussed... or where you can be the first to leave a comment.



New Homepage with Fresh Content

Our new homepage has a full viewer on it so visitors can directly explore one of our latest favorite synths.  Along with showcasing this one spectacular synth in the viewer we’re also highlighting 6 other great synths.  We’ll be updating these regularly, so check back often to see what’s new and if one of your synths has been featured.



Improved Search

We improved the search on our site to allow you to sort the results not just by the best keyword match, but also by synth quality, popularity, date and author. Give the new search a try!



Initial Synth Visibility Setting

The point cloud gets a lot of love, but sometimes we know you might not want it to show by default when your synth loads... and sometimes that’s all you want to show!  We’ve added a setting to the Synth Editing panel to allow you to set the initial visibility to include the images & points, images only or points only.  You can get to this setting by logging in and viewing any of your own synths.  There is a Edit Synth & Highlights button that will take you to the edit page when clicked.



Happy Synthing!