Last week we released a minor update to our site that included a change to our Terms of Use.  The change is that the following sentence was added to section 6:


Microsoft may use and display your materials posted on public areas of the service in Windows Live, Bing, MSN, or in any future online services.


What this means is that in the future we may promote Photosynth, and your public synths in particular, by embedding them in other online services from Microsoft.   If this sounds a bit mysterious, it’s all about bringing the amazing power of Photosynth to capture places or objects  to a wider audience than just the visitors of our site.


Important note: This only affects your public synths. People will never find your unlisted synths on the Photosynth site, or on any other Microsoft site.  So, if you are not comfortable having your synths used in this way, you can always make them unlisted.


Yours truly,

David Gedye

Photosynth Group Program Manager