The newest version of Photosynth is now live. There's nothing earth shattering in it (we're still hard at work on that). I did want to let you all know about some of the more noticeable changes, though.


You'll see that the new, cleaner UI looks like this:


All the controls are still here, starting from the left with the transport controls: Back, Play, Next


In the center is the navigation disk. I think it's easier to use the white quads in the scene to navigate, but a lot of people still like the arrows.


Next to that of course are the zoom buttons, followed by help (more about that later) and then the view control and full screen.


The view control is our biggest change. On hover it looks like this:


It allows quick access to the different ways of viewing a synth: the normal 3D (synth) view, Overhead view, the 2D photo grid and the Point Cloud only view. This is also the first time we've had a UI control to get to the Point Cloud only view!




We've seen firsthand that many people don't know what to do with Photosynth when they encounter it. The help panel is our initial take at addressing the problem. Since Photosynth is still new to many, we thought it would be good to have some of the basic controls explained right away.


Yes, it comes up on load, and I know many of you will hate me for it. Just select 'Don’t Show Again' and you won't be bothered by it again.


Zooming Performance

The last change you might notice is the improved download of imagery when you zoom. We made some changes to our download queues so that images resolve faster when you zoom in to see the details.



Happy Synthing and look for more announcements here soon!