As reported on the Bing blog today, we hit the two million downloads mark for our Photosynth mobile App in less than two weeks of being in the iOS App Store.

All we can say to those two million people who have loved it, and told their friends about it is thank you! We're going to keep making it better, and make it the app you always go to when you want to document or share an interesting place or event.

Events? These last two weeks have seen some amazing and terrifying ones, and people all over the world have started using the Photosynth App to capture them. From the aftermath of the earthqauke and tsunami in Japan, to the deadly tornadoes in the US, to royal wedding street parties, and even to people's reaction to the death of Osamsa Bin Laden -- Photosynth has been there.

And yes, we've heard your feedback loud and clear. People with an iPhone love it, but you want: more sharing and viewing options; better control of what gets written to the camera roll, and fewer upload glitches. People who don't have an iOS device really want it on their mobile phone. We want that too, and we're working fast and furiously on this as well as the improvements requested above.

Thanks for your support, your suggestions, and your amazing Photosynths.

The Photosynth Team.