We’ve started a new video series to dive deep into how to get the most out of the Photosynth app.  The series will cover topics from getting started, taking advantage of advanced features, capturing tough environments, and technical discussions of what makes it all possible.

The first episode is about one of the most common situations with the app: you want to capture a panorama in a small space.  If you’ve tried it, you may notice that the capture system may get “lost” more often or that the stitching is less consistent than in outdoor scenes.

As the video shows, focusing on rotating the camera while capturing (as opposed to moving it at arm’s length) consistently creates better panoramas.  This is because the resulting panorama is representative of the view from a single point in space, as we would see the world, instead of across a variety of subtly different views.

Here’s an example of a panorama captured from that location.

The Photosynth Team