Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve added an “export” feature to the Photosynth site.

For stitched panoramas uploaded from your mobile phone or the Image Composite Editor, you can now download a “.pano” file suitable for viewing in full spherical goodness on Windows 8.1.

The built-in Photos app on Windows 8.1 knows how to view .pano files, opening them just like JPGs and videos. And like those standard image types, .panos can be uploaded to OneDrive with good results:

This works for mobile panos, and also for the gigapixel behemoths that some of you like to create.  For example, the 1.2 gigapixel view of Bryce Canyon shot by our own Jeff Schoner can be found here on the Photosynth site. Jeff exported it because he wanted to include it on OneDrive with the regular photos of his trip to the Utah national parks. Here’s the version on OneDrive:

Finally, we now also support the export of Technology Preview Photosynths, the super smooth ones you’ve been making since December.

Your download comes as a Zip file, and for now all you can do is inspect the contents. Want more? Stay tuned for an exciting announcement that will open up lots of possibilities.

Happy Synthing,
The Photosynth Team.