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Klout Kikimeter

Klout Kikimeter allows you to view and compare your klout score with others. You can view your klout style, details of your score, trends, who you influence and who influences you, and the topics you're influential about. Klout Kikimeter also shows twitter statistics. The live tile of the app can be used to view your score and trends on your start screen. Klout Kikimeter also uses the built-in features of Windows Phone for sharing your score, and the app link (if you like it) on social networks.
Microsoft Tech Days

Microsoft Techdays

The Techdays application allows you to browse through the session catalogs of the French edition of 2011 sessions, and view the webcasts. During the time of the event, users could see the floor plans, view the live blog and twitter feeds, watch the keynotes live, and browse practical information such as access routes, and FAQ.


Pachube Explorer (submission in progress)

Pachube Explorer lets you browse the Pachube network of connected things. discover the connected objects around you and their data streams, using a a geolocalized list, a map, or even augmented reality!