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December, 2006

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I'm Richard Russell, a dev manager on the Windows client performance team, this blog is focused on Windows peformance, development in general, and related issues (and maybe some not so related...) 

Our team's charter is to make Windows better - faster, smaller, more efficient.   Our team works in two general areas - performance analysis and Windows feature development.  On the analysis side, we design and impliment solutions to solve performance performance problems, and work with other teams to impliment performance improvements.  We also designed and developed several Vista features such as SuperFetch, ReadyBoost, ReadyDrive, runtime performance diagnostics, and the Windows Experience Index.

Here is a good Channel9 video interview with Mike Fortin that porivdes a good overview of our team, and goes into detail on SuperFetch, disk layout and defrag and other interesting topics.

Our unofficial team mascot is a flying pig :)

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    What does "Lines of Code" mean for a XAML file?

    I have a utility that measures lines of code (CLC.EXE). It works with C, C++, C#, Perl, x86 assembly language, command files and make files. Now that I'm developing XAML code, I need to teach CLC how to measure XAML. However, XAML is XML and isn't arranged...
  • Pigs Can Fly

    Beyond Hello World - My First WPF Application (with source)

    My pet project for the holiday vacation has been writing a WPF application to view data from my code line counting tool CLC.EXE (soon to be released on Codeplex). CLC produces counts of lines, code, comments, and other statistics per file, per directory and for entire directory trees. When complete, the CLC data viewer (CLCV) will read a CLC data file and display various visualizations of the data such as a tree map (see also, and also), some pie charts and perhaps a histogram or two. I’ve included the first working CLCV application shell in the attached zip file. ...
  • Pigs Can Fly

    WPF Styles

    One of the things I planned to do this holiday season was spend some time learning about Windows Presentation Foundation (here is the Microsoft link ). The first thing to did was write a " Hello World " program. I wanted just a simple window with a text...
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    Vista System Requirements, Minimum Supported and Minimum Recommended

    One of the things I worked on for Vista was the System Requirements. These are widely quoted, but the canonical source is Knowledge Base Article 919183. There are two sets of system requirements The minimum supported system requirements : this is the...
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    How Vista Enables Windows Aero - New Document Available

    Windows Aero is Vista's new user interface and is based on desktop composition which is the process where each window and the desktop background is drawn separately and then composed by using the 3‑D graphics engine to create the desktop image a user...
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