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Windows performance, development, and related issues(and maybe some not so related...)

March, 2007

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I'm Richard Russell, a dev manager on the Windows client performance team, this blog is focused on Windows peformance, development in general, and related issues (and maybe some not so related...) 

Our team's charter is to make Windows better - faster, smaller, more efficient.   Our team works in two general areas - performance analysis and Windows feature development.  On the analysis side, we design and impliment solutions to solve performance performance problems, and work with other teams to impliment performance improvements.  We also designed and developed several Vista features such as SuperFetch, ReadyBoost, ReadyDrive, runtime performance diagnostics, and the Windows Experience Index.

Here is a good Channel9 video interview with Mike Fortin that porivdes a good overview of our team, and goes into detail on SuperFetch, disk layout and defrag and other interesting topics.

Our unofficial team mascot is a flying pig :)

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    Beyond Hello World - Update 5, TreeMap Control Working, Perf Issues

    CLCV V5 now has a fully working TreeMap control that zooms, supports mouse over events and looks pretty good. But there are two major performance problems: 1) WPF rendering seems to be very expensive. 2) Tree Map nodes are relatively expensive in terms of memory size. Source code is included....
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