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February, 2008

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About Pigs Can Fly

I'm Richard Russell, a dev manager on the Windows client performance team, this blog is focused on Windows peformance, development in general, and related issues (and maybe some not so related...) 

Our team's charter is to make Windows better - faster, smaller, more efficient.   Our team works in two general areas - performance analysis and Windows feature development.  On the analysis side, we design and impliment solutions to solve performance performance problems, and work with other teams to impliment performance improvements.  We also designed and developed several Vista features such as SuperFetch, ReadyBoost, ReadyDrive, runtime performance diagnostics, and the Windows Experience Index.

Here is a good Channel9 video interview with Mike Fortin that porivdes a good overview of our team, and goes into detail on SuperFetch, disk layout and defrag and other interesting topics.

Our unofficial team mascot is a flying pig :)

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    Xperf support for XP

    "Do the xperf tools support XP or Windows Server 2003?" is a frequently ask question.  The answer is no mostly, and yes for a few things.  The next article in this series is Using the Windows Sample Profiler with Xperf xperf.exe can...
  • Pigs Can Fly

    Using Xperf to take a Trace (updated)

    Lets get to it!  Here is how to take a basic trace then look at CPU and disk utilization.    Its really simple, just three commands to turn on tracing, turn it off, and then view the trace. The next article in this series is Xperf...
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    Advertisements are now Music Videos

    I just love this add for the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 .... its just barely an add.  Its really a pretty cool music video...
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    Xperf Tools Landing Page and Update

    The WHDC folks now have web page setup for the Windows Performance Toolkit (aka the 'xperf tools').  The page includes downloads for updates to the versions that ship in the SDK.  In the near future, this page will include pointers to updated...
  • Pigs Can Fly

    Xperf, a new tool in the Windows SDK

    The SDK team just shipped the latest version of the Windows SDK which supports Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1.  The SDK now includes an important new tool; the Windows Performance Tool Kit from the Windows performance team (we call them the xperf...
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