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  • Blog Post: How Vista Enables Windows Aero - New Document Available

    Windows Aero is Vista's new user interface and is based on desktop composition which is the process where each window and the desktop background is drawn separately and then composed by using the 3‑D graphics engine to create the desktop image a user sees. Vista's process for automatically enabling...
  • Blog Post: What does it take to run Aero

    I receive a lot of questions internally and from partners about what it takes for a system to run the desktop composition Aero them. The answer isn't straight forward - desktop composition is much more demanding than XP's GDI based window management. Composition requires more system memory, good video...
  • Blog Post: Graphics Memory Reporting in Vista

    Vista manages graphics memory in a much more sophisticated way than XP. In XP, the graphics driver was responsible for this; XP drivers report the amount of graphics memory however they want. In Vista, the WDDM manages graphics memory and knows much more about it. The new DXGI API’s report three types...
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