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Welcome to the inaugural entry in the PIX team’s blog.  We are the Photos and Imaging eXperience Team at Microsoft.  OK, the acronym is a bit of a stretch, but it beat out my personal candidate for a team name, PIG (Photos and Imaging Group), so that’s who we are. 


Of course, we don’t spend all our time voting on team names.  Our team is responsible for the Digital Image Suite box product and most of the photo-related pieces of Windows Vista as realized in the Windows Photo Gallery.


For those of you who haven’t had an opportunity to try out Windows Vista yet, we think you’re in for a treat.  It’s chock full of improvements to the end-to-end photo experience, from rich organization features to built-in photo fix-up to an improved printing experience.


The truth is, the folks on the PIX team have been working on these features for quite some time now, and they’re pretty eager to tell people about it.  So, we’re going to start this blog off with tours of some of the features in Vista that we’re most excited about by the people who worked on them.  Sprinkled in, you’re also going to see some more speculative pieces from people who just love photography and have done some deep thinking about what the future could (or should) hold.


I hope you enjoy what you read here. Please feel free to leave comments or send us feedback directly through the link in our navbar. 


- Jordan Schwartz