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Today, I’ll be talking about the various ways that you can tag your photos and videos using the Windows Photo Gallery.

Info Pane
Clicking on the ‘Info’ button in the toolbar opens the ‘Info Pane’, which allows you to view and edit metadata for the selected photos and videos. In addition to Tags, you can edit the following metadata just by clicking on it:

  • File name
  • Date and time taken
  • Rating
  • Tags
  • Caption

But let’s focus on tagging for now. After making your selection, click on the ‘Add Tags’ control and start typing. If you have any tags on any of your photos, you’ll notice that an auto-complete menu pops up with a list of any tags that match what you’re typing. This makes it easy to add frequently-used tags to photos over and over.

Power-user tip: This auto-complete behavior works even if you have a complex tree of tags. And if you haven’t created a tree structure yet, you can create one just by typing a backslash character (“\”) in your tag name (e.g. Friends\Bob).

Drag and Drop
The Navigation Tree is also an easy way to tag your photos and videos. You can quickly create new tags here by clicking on the ‘Create a New Tag’ node (which is always the first entry in the tag tree), and typing the name of your new tag. You can then drag-and-drop to place your new tag where you’d like it in the tree.

Once you have a tag created in the tree, just drag and drop photos and videos to it to assign that tag to them. You can drag items one at a time, or as part of a multi-selection.

In addition to using drag and drop to assign Tags, you can also drag and drop photos and videos to other parts of the tree as well. Drag items to a date on the tree to change the date taken. Drag items to a rating to set the rating for those items. And you can drag and drop items to folder the same way you’re used to in Windows XP.

- Scott Dart