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More Photo Scavenger Hunting

More Photo Scavenger Hunting

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There was quite a bit of interest some time back when I posted about Pixie Hunt, our cameraphone-based photo scavenger hunt. As hoped, we ran it at the Where 2.0 conference, and by reports, a good time was had by all.

Since then, I’ve heard about a few other cameraphone-based scavenger hunts that I thought people might be interested in.  None of them have the real-time communication feature of Pixie Hunt (i.e., I can see what pictures other people are taking as they take them), but they each have some unique appeal:

  • MSN and Sprint teamed up to offer Obey.  Each week, they send out an SMS with the week’s objective.  When you find an object that meets the description, you take a picture and e-mail it from your cameraphone.  Points are awarded based on task difficulty.
  • Starbucks Summer Pursuit is similar to Obey, except the tasks are presented as clues and they use “intelligent image recognition” to judge your responses. Please leave a comment if you’ve tried it and have info on how good the image recognition is. [via Mopocket]
  • Mobile Assassins offers a fun twist on the Assassins game I used to play in high school.  Your assignment is sent via MMS, then you reply via MMS with a picture of the person’s face to “take them down”.  All in good fun.
  • The Go Game offers a “corporate team building” version of the mobile photo scavenger hunt.  They plant clues, assign missions, and even conspire with ice cream vendors.  Your job is to take the pictures and send them back to HQ.

There are lots more out there, but of the ones I found, these did the best job of taking advantage of the phone part of the cameraphone.  If you know of others, please post them to the comments section. 

- Jordan Schwartz