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Metadata Questions and Answers

Metadata Questions and Answers

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We’ve received a number of great questions and feedback from the metadata blog post last week. Since the answers to those questions are likely of interest to many people, we decided to simply post a follow-up with answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Is Windows XP metadata compatible with Windows Vista metadata?
Look for more information on XP/Vista interop in the coming weeks and months. In the interim, a beta version of Windows Desktop Search 3.0 has been released which includes some of the APIs required for metadata support.

What other applications support XMP?
People want to know what other applications support XMP metadata. Here is a short list (all of these are available on XP today):

Why don’t my tags get written back to my photos?
If you missed it from the previous post, scroll down to the ‘your mileage may vary’ section, where we cover this topic. The most common causes are read-only files, or other permissions issues. The bottom line is – if you can’t write to the file, neither can the Photo Gallery.

- Scott Dart (program manager)