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Microsoft Photo Info tool released

Microsoft Photo Info tool released

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One of our sister teams at Microsoft that focuses on the needs of professional photographers has just released a new tool called Microsoft Photo Info.

It runs on both XP and Vista, and is designed to enable quick and easy viewing and editing of photo metadata in explorer.


I installed it on my Vista machine, and it works as advertised. Right-clicking on a photo in explorer shows a new context-menu item 'Photo Info' that launches the above dialog. This works on both single and multiple selections, allowing you to view and edit important metadata values. What I like even more is how the tooltips in explorer are enhanced to show more relevant metadata as well.


The Windows Vista Photo Gallery does not have the same extensibility model as the Windows Shell, so it was impossible to integrate this tool into the Photo Gallery in this release. I'm sure we'll be looking at enabling these types of scenarios in the future though.

- pixblog