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The next generation of Windows Live

The next generation of Windows Live

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As you've probably heard, the next generation of Windows Live has arrived and its fresh out of the oven without a beta tag!  If you're the long reading type then take a look at the presspass Q&A available here which provides some great insight.  There is also a Windows Live fact sheet available here which provides lots of details about this week's release.  This afternoon our team along with the other Windows Live teams celebrated the release at our "ship party" (photo to the right). 

You can now get the new Windows Live at -- free!

Overall it's been an amazing year for our team and we're proud of the work we've accomplished.  First and foremost, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank the private beta testers.  Your help very early on proved to be invaluable to the quality of this release.  We'd also like to thank all of the early adopters of the public beta, readers of this blog that sent us emails and comments, and all of the other customers we heard from (Microsoft employees, too!) that helped us tremendously.  Everyone: THANK YOU!

Here are only a few of the many great customer quotes we've seen recently that make all the sweat worth it:

“It is both functional and beautiful to work with.
Needless to say, Live Photo Gallery is icing on the cake - moist, delicious cake. And the cake is not a lie."
- Long Zheng (

“This is really a wonderful thing.  I am so glad that you guys finally filled this huge feature gap and enabled easy publishing.”
- triplegreen (comment on our blog)

“Great update, been using spaces for quite some time now and appreciate the work you all do on it, thanks.”
- Mark (comment on Spaces Team blog)

“Thank you for redesigning the photo module!”
- Ivan Sammy (comment on Spaces Team blog)

"Honestly, I have to admit that Microsoft really stepped up their game with the new Windows Live Photo Gallery by adding support for Flickr."
- Ryan (

“Thank you for listening to users.”
- someone (comment on our blog)

"This (panorama feature) is the kind of technology you'd normally see reserved for higher end, paid for, photo editing programs but now it's available to everyone."
- Steve Clayton (

“Please keep up the great work - I'd love to be working on a product that's this good ;-)”
- cjm55 (comment on our blog)

"Thank you!  You just got yourself a Picasa convert."
- kkuphal (comment on our blog)

We'd like to leave you with a few new videos available online...

  • First, check out the really great "Share life as it happens" video on the brand new  This video is a quick but well done overview of how simple Windows Live Photo Gallery + Windows Live Spaces makes it to share your memories with those you care about.
  • Second, the crew at Channel 10 recently came over to our building and interviewed a couple of our team members.  Watch the interview on Channel 10.

Now, go download Windows Live and Share a smile and help us give to Operation Smile!

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