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You’ve tagged them, now here’s how to find them fast

You’ve tagged them, now here’s how to find them fast

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If you read John’s recent post, an introduction to “people tags”,  you now know that you can quickly  tag  the faces in your photos-- using either the  contacts in your contacts list, or any name you want.  So hopefully by now you’ve played around with people tags in our beta, adding them to photos of your friends, family, and that “celebrity” you’re stalking.

One reason you tagged all those photos is that at some point you’ll want to find some of them quickly. So, now the fun part: here’s how to do it.

Turns out you can find photos that have a people tag pretty much the same way you find a photo with a descriptive tag.  You can use the navigation pane on the left, use the info pane on the right, or search and arrange by people tags.

In the navigation pane (hint: left side of the window), when you select a contact or other person, you’ll see all of the photos they’re tagged in.  It’s that simple.


Maybe you’re more likely to browse your photos a different way.  If you’re browsing by date, for example, and you find a photo with some friends in it. If you want to find all the pictures you have that contain one of the people from that picture, select the name of that person from the pane on the right, like this:


The gallery will switch to the first view, with the person selected in the navigation pane and all of the pictures of them ready for your perusal.
The third way to find people is with search.  Let me walk you through it.

Search looks at all of the properties (or tags) of your photos, including your descriptive tags, the camera model, the author, etc.  Here I’ve selected the folder “All Photos and Videos” and then searched for “john.”  So in addition to the pictures tagged with “John,” there are a few photos with the caption “John and Fairview,”, which is the street address of the Seattle Times and the clock featured in this blog post.  And there are also some photos from a team evet that I got from John, where he’s tagged as the author.


After that, I would have to sort through all of these search results to figure out which ones are tagged “John.”  Kind of a pain. So, this is a great time for me to use the “arrange by” view.  Over to the left of the search box, I can arrange by several properties.  If I select Person, the people-tagged photo floats to the top.


Voila!  Now I can publish them, print them, fix them up, or do something creative.  My teammates will be blogging about new and old ways of doing these things over the coming weeks.

Robert Ketcherside, Program Manager