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February, 2009

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    Latest version of Windows Live Photo Gallery fixes publishing issues


    We’ve been getting comments from users who’ve had issues uploading to existing albums, being confused about upgrading their albums, or not being able to share their original sized photos. Thanks for your feedback - we’ve fixed these problems! Here are the details:

    Not able to see some of your online albums when trying to publish to them?

    Don’t worry your albums and photos haven’t disappeared. They appear missing from the list when changes are made to your album (adding a photo, a comment, changing your display picture or your album permissions). Installing the latest version of Photo Gallery corrects this problem!

    Only being able to upload 500 photos per month? Not anymore!

    One of the great new things about publishing online albums now is that (where your photos are stored on Windows Live) no longer has that space limitation. Now you have 25 GB! For most of us, that’s enough storage for around 8,000 photos.

    Selecting the “Optimize for printing” option resizes photos, but you want to share the original size.

    In the latest version of Photo Gallery you can select the size you want to upload! Choose a smaller photo size for fast uploads, or if you want to upload the original size (which might take a little longer but might improve the quality of prints) you can - It’s your choice.

    Being asked to upgrade your albums?

    Photos uploaded through Windows Live Spaces and through the previous versions of Photo Gallery didn’t include cool stuff like ambient background colors on the slide show or the new square thumbnail images, so they need an extra step to make them look as nice as the new ones. Publishing photos with the latest version of Photo Gallery doesn’t require this extra step.

    How I know if I have the new version of Photo Gallery or not?

    It’s quick and easy to tell by looking at the Publish menu in Photo Gallery. If you see the option to Publish to Windows Live Spaces, you don’t have the latest version installed. You can also check on About Photo Gallery under the Help menu. Check to see if you have version 2009 (Build 14.0.8064.206). Or just install Photo Gallery. The install wizard will let you know if you already have the latest version installed or not.

    We love your feedback. Besides commenting here you can ask questions on our public forum or send your feedback and issues directly to us.

    - Ana Lilia Otero, Program Manager

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    Synchronize photos on two computers!


    You’ve tagged, edited, and organized your photos on your home computer. Your photo collection is perfect - just how you want it. But wait, there’s a problem. Your collection is perfect on your home computer, but you want your photos and videos on your laptop as well. Who wants to go through all that work again?

    It'd be much easier if you could synchronize computers so that new photos on one computer were automatically copied to the other. Guess what? The Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Sync teams have partnered to make that possible!

    Windows Live Photo Gallery Sync

    With Sync, keeping photos synchronized on two computers is simple. Download and install Windows Live Essentials on two computers, launch Windows Live Photo Gallery on both and sign in on each using the same Windows Live ID. You’re on your way to synchronizing photos!

    It gets better.

    Say you edit a photo on your home computer that's synchronized with your laptop. Later, while looking at that photo on your laptop, you decide you don't like the edit you made and to want to revert back to the original. With Photo Gallery, you know that's possible, but you edited the photo on your other computer. With Sync, your photo's file history is also synchronized so you can undo changes you've made from either computer!

    This is a new feature that we’re trying out with a limited number of people. If you can, try it out and let us know what you think. If you can't, hold on - you'll be able to soon!

    —Photo Gallery and Sync teams

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    I'm a PC and I'm 4 1/2


    A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet an super sparkly 4 ½ year old girl named Kylie.  She was a fantastic little person who showed the world how to send an email of her sick fish, Dorothy, to her family. It is truly amazing to see how anybody – be it 4 or 90 – can easily use the amazing photo tools that the Windows Live team has built. 

    Last night on TV, her commercial was debuted. Check it out:

    JP Wollersheim, Product Manager

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