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CES...Here We Come!!

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CES is right around the corner and the Surface team is getting ready to show off some new demo experiences. Over the past few weeks (and nights, and weekends, and mornings...ugh) we've been dogfooding these demos and making sure everything is tip-top. So, the Super Friends had their Hall of Justice...well, we have the Hall of Surface...

Dogfood session

We are excited to share more potential applications for Surface, a few new scenarios where you might encounter Surface and even a potential integration opportunity with one of the other Microsoft teams.

Dogfood session2

That's all I'm saying now...you'll just have to wait until CES to learn more. We'll have three Surface units in the Microsoft booth and I'll be giving daily demos in the presentation theater. I'll also be doing a daily blog from the show floor (well maybe from the hotel). Swing on by and say HI.


K Robert Warnick

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CES...Here We Come!!