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    Surfacing at D, yet again


    So last year was Microsoft Surface’s coming out party at the Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference. We’ll we’re back again…kind of.


    By now you’ve heard the news… last night at D, Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green showed Walt Mossberg some of the cool multi-touch innovations that will be included in the next version of Windows.  The Windows and Surface teams are working collaboratively to bring aspects of Surface technology to the Windows PC experience. We’ve been sharing technical insights, best practices, and user interface knowledge to ensure that the experience of using natural gestures and touch is great whether on a Surface computer or Windows PC. This is all part of the great work that Microsoft is doing to change the way users interact with technology.

    As we’ve shared since day one…there’s a ton of goodness in Surface and the ability to leverage that learning across the company within different products and groups is a key benefit our team brings to the Microsoft table.


    Check this out for a quick demo of what you can expect to see in the future.




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    Microsoft Surface's Monica transforms to Jet


    Monica Carlson, who was a champion on American Gladiators last season, also happened to be a model for Microsoft Surface. That's old news now. What's new is that last night she emerged from her contender status as a new American Gladiator with the name Jet. You can check out her profile with photos and video here.


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