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    Microsoft Surface launches at Sheraton Hotels


    Microsoft and Sheraton Hotels and Resorts have partnered to bring Microsoft Surface to the hotel lobby. Sheraton went live today with our music, photos and concierge applications customized with Sheraton specific content.

    This adds Boston, Chicago and Seattle to the list of cities where you can get up close with Microsoft Surface. Surface is already found in California, D.C. Georgia, Nevada, New York and Texas. For all Surface locations, visit

    -- Eric

    Video: Microsoft Surface at Sheraton Hotel & Resorts


    Microsoft Surface at the Sheraton features:

    CityTips® – At the guests’ fingertips are the Surface 360-degree satellite maps and tools to search for local restaurants and bars, entertainment, recreation, shopping, transportation and services, such as banks and pharmacies. Guests can discover all a city has to offer by simply moving their hands across Surface.

    Sounds of Sheraton – Microsoft Surface also serves as a lobby-based digital jukebox, enabling guests to create personal music playlists by choosing selections from Sheraton’s exclusive offering of Sony BMG artists, including John Legend, Kenny Chesney and Lauryn Hill.

    Sheraton Snapshots – Guests can explore Sheraton hotels and resorts throughout the world by simply browsing the Surface photo library of Sheraton resorts and hotel properties to help them plan for future business or leisure travel.

    Sheraton locations with Microsoft Surface:

    • Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers
      811 7th Avenue 53rd Street
      New York, NY
    • Sheraton Boston Hotel
      39 Dalton St.
      Boston, MA
    • Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers
      301 East North Water Street
      Chicago, IL
    • Sheraton Gateway San Francisco Airport Hotel
      600 Airport Boulevard
      Burlingame, CA
    • Sheraton Seattle Hotel
      1400 6th Avenue
      Seattle, WA
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    LiveLabs Shadow Box


    Back in June, we had a little gathering here in Redmond with some bloggers to chat about what's going on at Microsoft Surface. One of the awesome demos we showcased was something LiveLabs cooked up called Shadow Box. (See the SlashGear video here at 2:47.) It essentially takes raw images from the imaging system on Surface and uses it to create a paint program of sorts. It's a lot of fun. Nic over at Channel 10 caught up with the guys behind Shadow Box for an excellent behind-the-scenes interview. Video below.

    Live Labs Shadow Box on the Surface

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    Dennis' report from UX Week


    I just received this email from Dennis Wixon down at UX Week.

    So after a somewhat harrowing evening, the “Challenge Behind Emotional Innovation” at UX Week was a success! I have some video of my presentation that I’ll be posting shortly (Thanks Chris), but for now here are some great photos from the day. As always, the crowd couldn’t get enough of Surface.


    I’ll fill you in more on the day’s events and presentations that I found intriguing when I return. Until then….



    UX Week 0656
    Dennis speaks to a group of attendees about Microsoft Surface

    UX Week 0666
    Dennis presenting on stage at UX Week

    More photos are available on our Flickr blog.

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