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    Discount pricing on Surface in the US extended


    Microsoft SurfaceAt PDC we announced special pricing for Microsoft Surface. We've now extended that pricing through the end of November. It's a great discount for those developers who got their hands on the SDK at PDC and are now looking to run those applications on the full hardware. See the US order form or go to for more information about the product.

    [UPDATE: Discount pricing is now closed. Units are still available for purchase at standard pricing via the links above.]

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    Stimulant's Tone Grid


    I was recently visiting at our Microsoft partner Stimulant. These guys have been working with Surface for a while now, and bring a San Francisco to the mix. The first demo I have is of Tone Grid. Josh says it's a music sequencer inspired by games like Electroplankton for the DS and the fun sequencer TENORI-ON. In a future post, I'll have more video from my trip to Stimulant, including a talk I had with the team about the natural user interface of Surface. Video after the break.

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    TGIF with Holograms


    If it wasn't Friday, I don't know what we'd do! We sometimes get a little extra energy and need to let it out. Today was one of those days. After a few watercooler conversations about holograms earlier in the week, we got to thinking. The video below is the result.

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