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    Nintendo Wii balance board and Microsoft Surface mashup by Stimulant


    Before we bid adieu to 2008, I thought we could take one more look at the Nintendo Wii balance board mashup that Stimulant did a while back. You can see the original demo video and I also chatted with Josh and Darren while out in San Francisco in the video below.

    One of the great things about the Microsoft Surface platform is that you can use any peripherals you might use on a PC. That leaves the possibilities open to the imagination. The team at Stimulant definately has some imagination. What other peripherals would be great mashups with Microsoft Surface?

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    Geotagging with Bogdan


    In the last days of 2008, we'll look back at a couple things we saw earlier in the year. Today we'll revisit a cool app created by Bogdan Popp which allows you to use or tag photos with GPS information on Surface. This geotagging app was previously covered by GottaBeMobile back in June. Bogdan now has a new GPS enabled camera and I sat down with him to take a look. See the video below.

    Anyone interested in geotagging photos?

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    Holidays and Bubble Wrap


    I passed a mall today and thought about how many packages must have exchanged hands in the past few days. It must have been hectic in that mall, and I'd much prefer to keep my distance. Instead, I'd kick back with Microsoft Surface and pop bubble wrap the Surface way. It's a strangely addictive app that Kevin and Peter thought up. Check out the video below.

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