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    Microsoft Surface commands the Superbowl


    Three Microsoft partners have worked together to provide a service for the Super Bowl that is like no other I've heard of before. This is big-time stuff and it's the only major sporting event that receives National Security status.

    Twisted Pair Solutions provides real-time group communications for two-way radios and other devices tied on Office Communications Server for PC to voice connections. The E•SPONDER solution manages planning, tracking and reporting all security matters surrounding the big game. Infusion Development's Falcon Eye software running on Microsoft Surface and using Virtual Earth integrates with E•SPONDER and Twisted Pair to provide a stunning visualization of incident details. It's more than just panning and zooming on maps, as Microsoft Surface can initiate voice communications directly with the field. It sounds like a command center right out of the movies!


    Here’s the full Microsoft press release.


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    Exploration in Financial Services


    Jason McConnell took me through the "Woodgrove Financial" demo for financial services on Micrososft Surface. This engaging sample application is available for customers who have purchased Microsoft Surface units to better understand how the technology could be used in a retail banking scenario. The scenario shows how Microsoft Surface could be used in a bank lobby for customers to look at account features and sit down with a banker to discuss their financial needs. In this case, personal financial information would not be shown due to privacy concerns in a lobby. However, high level interactive calculators can be used to look at credit cards or investment account payouts.

    What do you think of this level of information being provided in a bank? I've also seen deeper dives into financial planning which would be for private sessions with a financial advisor. Do you see this being a good fit for the product?

    Update: See more over at Channel 10.

    The code for the Woodgrove Financial application is at http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/Surface-Financial-Code-12ab2499

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    Education with nsquared Part Two


    We've had great comments on the blog in regards to my previous post about Microsoft Surface in education. Please keep the discussion coming!

    I wanted to share with you another cut of the education demo with nsquared. It covers some topics that were brought up in the comments. The simplicity of the letters and numbers is meant to be part of guided learning by an educator. Using a PC is generally a solo application where the PC guides the learner through the exercise. Microsoft Surface can do this too. In the case of Dr. Neil's Letters and Numbers, the system is open to allow the educator to provide the guidance for groups of students to interact with on Microsoft Surface.

    The video below also speaks about using objects on Microsoft Surface and taking content into different contexts or platforms. There may be situations where group activities or labs would be completed on Microsoft Surface and individuals would take back homework to their desks or home PC. I personally don't think that Microsoft Surface spells the end for interactive whiteboards. There is a place for instructor led computing on a vertical form factor. The horizontal form factor and screen size also represent a intential design for multiple users in a social setting. However, Microsoft Surface does allow the instructor to face the class and interact while displaying the output on a vertical screen

    Lastly, I'll leave you with a link to a post about Finguistics, which was shown at BETT. I will see what I can do to shoot a video of this application as well.

    I know a number of readers are very passionate about education. Please provide feedback or start discussion in the comments on the blog.

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