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    Newsreader on Microsoft Surface


    I've got a new application to share with you today. It's a news reader that our team just released to our Microsoft Surface partners and customers last week as a sample. It allows people to browse news and videos from MSNBC.com using the 360 degree interface of Microsoft Surface. Jocelyn Dollar, the PM on the project, joined me to demo this app in the video below. Check it out.

    - Eric

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    Surface Physics


    I've posted before about some cool physics on Microsoft Surface with a fluid simulation and the Wii balance board mashup. People love touching the water on Surface. I have Crayon Physics Deluxe on my notebook too and it's brilliant. Internally, our devs have created several different physics simulators based on the applications they are working on which always seem to make adults giddy as schoolkids.

    If you're remotely like me, you'll also like what Dave Brown has created. Dave works in the UK at one of our Microsoft Technology Centers. His job is to create proof of concepts for organizations working with Microsoft products. He's also a part time wizard. Seriously. Not only is the simulator crazy fun, I'm told his code is very elegant as well. After viewing the video below, head on over to Dave's blog to see more videos. It gets even better with each one.

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    What's all that a-boat?


    I'll admit it. I am a bit slow picking up and posting on this. So, I'm going to give credit where it's due and link on over to John Mullinax's comprehensive post. The short of it is: It's Microsoft Surface. It comes with this beautiful Lazzara yacht. They partnered with Infusion Development. Buy one today before you are the last kid on your block with your very own Microsoft Surface at your dock. Get to it!

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