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    Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7


    Over at the The Windows Blog they've got a new post up introducing the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7. Here at Microsoft we're all excited about Windows 7 and Windows Touch. On the Microsoft Surface team, we've got an additional reason to be excited. We have been working very closely with the Windows team on bringing multi-touch to Windows 7 and some of the very special applications in the Microsoft Touch Pack. They are highlighted in the blog post today as the one year anniversary of the Windows 7 multi-touch demo at D6. Go check it out and learn about all the multi-touch goodness coming to Windows 7.


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    Multi-touch comes to the Zune


    imageAt Microsoft Surface we're into touch and non-traditional computer interaction. We have colleagues across Microsoft who do too and are putting out some really cool products. If you haven't had a chance to glimpse the Zune HD yet.. The 3.3 inch OLED screen looks awesome. It also supports HD radio and HD video out, wireless and a web browser and will be coming out later this year. Go check it out on the Zune Insider.


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    VPlay: Video Performance in surface computing


    We've seen a number of examples of audio performances getting a boost from surface computing. There's the ReacTable, which is probably the most well known from Bjork's performances. There's also the reacTagon and many others too numerous to name. On Microsoft Surface there is Stimulant's work on ToneGrid and VectorForm's Surface DJ.

    In the past, we covered Kevin Kennedy's work on a VJ application called SplatBox.
    (By the way, if you're naming an app like this, make it one word, caps in the second part of the word and you'll be golden.)

    Now, breaking onto the scene of VJ applications is Microsoft Research in Cambridge with their really cool application called VPlay. Covered here on Ars, the application brings the isolating task of mixing video real-time with computers into the collaborative space of surface computing. It uses digital objects that represent content and mixing effects to give an interactive and "new each time" feel to the output on the screen. You can also view the project information and research paper. Enjoy!

    VPlay Overview

    VPlay Developer Interview

    Designers and developers, keep up the great work on these new computing interactions.

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