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Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7

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Over at the The Windows Blog they've got a new post up introducing the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7. Here at Microsoft we're all excited about Windows 7 and Windows Touch. On the Microsoft Surface team, we've got an additional reason to be excited. We have been working very closely with the Windows team on bringing multi-touch to Windows 7 and some of the very special applications in the Microsoft Touch Pack. They are highlighted in the blog post today as the one year anniversary of the Windows 7 multi-touch demo at D6. Go check it out and learn about all the multi-touch goodness coming to Windows 7.


  • Hi Eric,

    Congratulations for you and the Surface team.

    I'm very impressed with the applications in the Package by watching the demos.

  • Sadly, someone goofed on this package - and here's why!

    I have an HP TouchSmart TX2-1270US Notebook / Convertible Tablet that was one of the first multi-touch notebooks made, and this REFUSES to install under Windows 7. Interestingly enough, when I right-click to view the property sheet of the actual downloaded install and go to the "Compatability" tab, I see that the ability to change the compatability settings in respect to Windows versions is un-selectable and is locked to "Windows Vista".

    I wonder who else is having trouble with this app - anyone?

    A response from the team would deeply be appreciated.

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Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7