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    Need some more videos from WPC?


    As follow-up from the amazing week we had in New Orleans, I'd like to share a few notable clips from Wednesday's keynote.

    VIDEO >> Day 3 Keynote at WPC

    • imageat 1:32:00 to 1:39:00 check out Allison Watson on stage with Greg Brill of Infusion showing health care technology on Microsoft Surface; Amalga with Health Vault
    • at 1:45:00 to 1:52:00 Stephen Elop presents a vision of technology 20 years into the future, a video many of you may have seen before
    • at 1:55:00 to 2:10:00 Bill Buxton from Microsoft Research Canada, the father of multi-touch, dazzles with the thinking behind the technology of the future and today. Especially if you've never seen Bill Buxton speak before, I encourage you to check this out.

    Have a great weekend!

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    WPC Microsoft Surface Session 5PM Today!


    Don’t forget. If you’re at WPC then you’ve been seeing all the activity around Microsoft Surface. We have a session this afternoon at 5pm that’s not to be missed. (plug plug)


    Matt will speak about how Microsoft Surface has been impacting ROI in businesses already, and how you can get your company involved and join our Partner Program via the QuickStart site. We’ll also have demos from Identity Mine and VectorForm. This promises to be a packed session, so get a seat early.

    TouchFirstDon’t forget that we kicked off the Touch First developer challenge at WPC yesterday. Learn all about it here. Do you have what it takes to win the grand prize? You don’t need to be at WPC to enter.
    What you do need to be at WPC for is the contest. This is separate from the developer challenge and you could win just by entering with your personalized card on one of the many Microsoft Surface units at the conference. Please make sure to check the rules.

    Oh yeah, did I mention our Twitter channel?

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    Our Partner Program is officially here!


    07-13QuickStartImage_lg Ok. So you've heard me talk about how we're in at WPC in a big way. Now it's official. We've announced our Microsoft Surface Partner Program. This is a big deal for partners and developers, because it means registered Microsoft Partners can get access to the Microsoft Surface SDK Workstation Edition through our new QuickStart site. Give it a visit.

    If you're into reading, and want to hear how Microsoft Surface has driven real ROI for businesses, you can check out all the news here. It's actually pretty cool to see how these business have been applying the product. It's not all just fun and games. Microsoft Surface is driving results. I'll try get some video examples up later.

    TouchFirst Another big item: To kick off the program, we're running a contest. It's called The Touch First Microsoft Surface Developer Challenge, because we couldn't think of a shorter title. I'd just call it Touch First.  There is a prize, so follow the link to learn more.

    By the way, did you see #WPC09 was a trending topic on Twitter earlier this morning? During our session on Tuesday, let's see if #surface makes it in!

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