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    Live from PAX, it’s Saturday night!


    IMG_2500 (2) This is Eric reporting in live from the Penny Arcade Expo here in Seattle. It’s nearly 8pm and not only is the conference in general still hopping, but Microsoft Surface is very busy. As I posted yesterday, we’re stationed in the Console Freeplay area at PAX. This is the area where people play older and new console games into the night. (Lon, from our team, is playing Street Fighter against a guy who’s knocked down countless opponents before him.)

    The area closes at 2am. As long as we can, we’ll be leaving Surface out for people to have fun. Have you experienced multi-user computer gaming like this? There is no shortage of players on Surface.

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    On the road at PAX


    It’s time for the Penny Arcade Expo, and Microsoft Surface is there.

    I am a big fan of PAX. I’ve been attending ever since I moved to the Seattle area. When Surface was announced I immediately wanted to see it at PAX. We aren’t a consumer product, so we wouldn’t have an exhibit floor booth to show/sell attendees. BUT, this year I worked with the wonderful PAX team to get Surface up on the console free play area for the fans. We’re up on 6th floor. I loaded in last night. There’s only one unit for ~20,000 people, so it could get crowded at times.

    If you’re at the show, stop by. I have loaded up Surface with music from the bands performing at the evening concerts, the Penny Arcade comics and some demos and games. There aren’t any business apps.. this is for FUN.


    P.S. Remember to follow Surface on Twitter.

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