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    Dungeons & Dragons done right on Microsoft Surface


    I don’t want to put any pressure on Michael and the team over at Carnegie Mellon University, but you guys should be getting an A for your class project this semester. Their Dungeons & Dragons experience called “Surfacescapes” on Microsoft Surface is amazing. This is the future of how computers will aid in board games. Remember, D&D playing aids like this are for serious role playing gamers who might normally use balsa cutouts and not just wimpy printed maps. The computer is has a technical role in the gameplay but the DM and the players are the storytellers. That’s why it doesn’t look exactly like a video game. Not that it isn’t seven shades of wonderful. This is crazy cool stuff for role players – unless your dream is a mashup of Project Natal and LARP. ;)

    Surfacescapes Demo Walkthrough from Visual Story TAs on Vimeo.

    P.S. When I last talked to the team at PAX, they were planning on bringing this to PAX East this spring. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

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    Windows 7 is here and Surface has joined the party


    Today is a big day at Microsoft. Windows 7 is now available worldwide and our new Microsoft online store has launched. There’s coverage of what is happening over at The Windows Blog. It’s a party over here at Microsoft Surface too, because our contributions to the Touch Pack for Windows 7 have officially launched. What’s the Touch Pack? Check out my previous post on the topic or learn more on the Microsoft Surface site or on the Windows site. The Microsoft Surface team’s contribution includes Microsoft Surface Globe, Collage and Lagoon. From the Windows Blog: “[Touch Pack] is available to PC makers (OEMs) who will have the option to pre-install some, none, or all of the applications available in the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 on PCs designed for Windows Touch…” Keep an eye out for these features when buying a new PC.

    Update: See the Lagoon and Collage on the Today show. (1:40 into the clip)

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    See Microsoft Surface now in Mission Viejo


    Microsoft Retail Store Launch Last week Microsoft launched the first of the new Microsoft Retail Stores in Phoenix with Microsoft Surface. This week we’ve launched a new store in Mission Viejo, and Microsoft Surface is there too. If you’re in SoCal, head on down to the Shops at Mission Viejo and check out Microsoft Surface.

    From last week..

    Microsoft Surface is not being offered for sale to consumers at the store. Surface is in four distinct merchandise areas at the corners of the store – supporting Games, Mobility, Personalization and PCs.

    Microsoft worked closely with our partners Vectorform, Infusion and Wirestone to create custom applications for the retail experience and we’ve also included some other engaging applications that showcase Microsoft Surface for visitors to the store. You will find a mobility selection tool for Windows Phones as well as a Surface version of the hit service Skin-It for mobile phones, laptops and other devices. There are other applications that offer the visitor utility, exploration and fun.

    If you’re in the Mission Viejo area, stop by and check out Microsoft Surface. Here’s the press release about the Microsoft Store.

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