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    Live from PDC: Day Two


    More Surface goodness at PDC today. Most folks in the booth today were buzzing about the news we made regarding the broad availability of the SDK, the new controls and the contest winner. In the event you missed the details scroll down the blog and check out Eric's recap and if you're at PDC swing by the booth tomorrow for more info or attend our session at 11:30am.

    In addition to the steady booth traffic, we continued to register several hundred more attendees with our conference connection card. We also hosted a table at the Ask The Expert session where we fielded questions from roadmap (yes, we're working it) to competition to WPF integration. Lot's of good, challenging and technical discussions.

    The evening ended with the PDC Geekfest (think party with old school video games, music, food and beer) during which we were invaded by a huge contingent of developers from Iceland. Using Surface and our Concierge app we not only discovered everyone's home, but also learned that many people (nearly everyone) in their Iceland neighborhood owned a large trampoline. No joke. Apparently it was the fashion last summer. Who knew? Next time you're at a Surface, search within Reykjavik, and those round structures you see in people's backyards...they aren't pools, they're trampolines. Only at PDC...

    Off to bed,

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    Mystery revealed. More Surface at PDC to come!


    I promised a better look at the picture I posted earlier today. Here it is. It’s actually a monster. Yes, a monster on Microsoft Surface. He’s part of the demo we’re showing on stage at our PDC session, 11:30am Thursday at Petree Hall C. Be sure not to miss out, because this is only half of the demo. We’re calling it the “monster mashup”. Get there early to grab a good view.

    Thousands picked up a card to connect with each other on Microsoft Surface at PDC day one. If you want to know what that’s about and get a card for yourself, stop by our special Surface registration desk across from the PDC conference registration desk.

    -Eric (Twitter and Facebook)

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    Broad availability of the Surface SDK WE and Touch First contest winner


    Microsoft Surface has really experienced positive momentum in the past year. At last year’s PDC we had 60 Microsoft Surface partners and in just one year that number has grown to more than 250 active partners. Our customer roster has expanded since PDC 2008 to include brands such as Hard Rock International, Barclays Bank and Vodafone, who have deployed units around the world. We also have a strong presence in the Microsoft retails stores which opened this fall.

    Today at PDC 2009, we have a couple of exciting announcements.

    Microsoft Surface SDK Workstation Edition
    We are announcing the broad availability of the Microsoft Surface SDK Workstation Edition. Now anyone interested in developing collaborative, engaging massive multi-touch, multi-user experiences for Surface can easily access the software at no cost through The Surface hardware is needed to deploy an application, and many use the Surface Developer units to create and test their applications directly on the device. The SDK Workstation Edition lets you use a PC to develop and a PC based simulator to test applications using multiple mice and tag simulation tools. We launched resources for developers, designers and IT Professionals.

    Touch First Contest winner
    We are also pleased to announce the winner of the Touch First developer contest, with the grand prize being a Microsoft Surface Developer unit. We received nearly 40 contest entries from around the world and the judges had no easy task given all of the amazing applications submitted. Congratulations to the winner, User Interface Design GmbH in Ludwigsberg, Germany! You can see their winning application, UID Porfolio, below.

    But wait, there’s more!
    Remember, our session at PDC is tomorrow at 11:30am in Petree Hall C. You’ll want to attend this session to see what our mystery demo is all about. More to come. :)

    - Eric (Follow us on Twitter and Facebook)

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