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    The Surface Monster Returns! Nom Nom Nom


    Surface MonsterThose of you that have been following Surface probably remember the Surface Monster demo we showed at PDC this fall. Luis and Paul tricked out this model to work on Surface and convey images from Surface onto the.. well, it’s a little complicated to describe, but amazing to see. Surface Monster got a lot of people talking about what can be done with Surface’s vision system - it’s not just multi-touch and multi-user, but it sees what is placed on the display.

    So Paul has sent his monster on a little trip. The first stop was with Dustin Freeman with DGP at the University of Toronto.  This is the same place where Bill Buxton, who pioneered multi-touch interfaces in the ‘70s, did a bunch of his work. Bill is now at Microsoft. Of course, the lab continues to be a place for inspired minds to produce award winning research.

    On to the important part. Dustin was doing some research [turning Surface on its side?] and then started playing with the monster. Now he’s got the monster eating bubbles. Of course you’d get sick eating bubbles, right? Dustin made that happen when you poke him in the eye. That makes total sense to me.

    Clear? Watch the video.

    What should you make of all this?

    We’ve shown before how Surface enables people to come together and interact in social settings with each other and with technology as an enabler - not a barrier. For example, the large display lets a banker review investment products face-to-face with their client. Surface makes things simple and breaks down barriers. Everyone can join in. Surface lets customers reach out and touch a corporate brand directly and naturally. Surface is an amazing platform that is not only being used for research, but it is a shipping product that is being used by companies in public settings today.

    Yeah, maybe that sounds like marketing-speak. Let me put it this way. The monster is one example of how using tangibles gives even greater reach into the natural – with graspable dials or buttons that can change their function as needed, and require no power or retooling. It’s not a vision. It is real.

    Do you have a Surface in your office? Do you have crazy ideas? Do you want the monster to visit you next? Reach out to me on Twitter and let me know.

    - Eric

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    Surface at WIND Mobile stores in Canada


    WIND Mobile has deployed 20 Microsoft Surface units throughout their mobile stores in Canada last month. Surface is running the “Power of Conversation” application, a consultative tool which allows customers to compare devices and plans side-by-side, helping to identify the options that work best for them. Information is made available quickly, clearly, and in one layer of engagement. Subsequent versions of the application will focus on the customization of services and devices right off the Surface unit.

    Microsoft Surface Partner Trapeze worked with WIND Mobile and Surface Strategic Partner Stimulant to develop the highly anticipated in store deployment. WIND CCO Chris Robbins was on hand to explain the overall design and feel of the store experience, “The whole idea is to have this fully integrated... The primary goal was to ensure that Surface didn’t become technology for technologies sake... we didn’t want it to be a toy that people just came in and played with because it was here. We wanted it to actually be the center of a meaningful conversation between a potential customer and the Customer Service Representative".

    - Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

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    Surface spotted at the Vancouver games


    Before you say goodbye to the Olympic games in Vancouver this weekend, you might still have the opportunity to see Microsoft Surface. We had reports of our product being spotted in several venues. Thanks to those who snapped photos.

    Samsung MobileSamsung Mobile has Surface in their mobility booth at BC Place to highlight and differentiate Samsung phones (such as the Omnia II) created by our partner d’istrict. The devices at the Samsung booth also offer games and a photo manipulation application that allows for framing of the photo and wireless printing, all while being connected to larger displays in the booth.

    NOC*NSFVitality Campus Perhaps you’ve seen the Holland Heineken House in Vancouver? There are  two areas using Surface. Our Dutch partner Zilveren Kruis Achmea worked with Unilever to create an experience for the Vitality Campus there. Our partner Sevensteps created an experience for the NOC*NSF to promote Dutch sport history with the Olympics and you could win event tickets on Surface.

    There were some other private events with Surface, but they were.. well, private. Shh! :)

    - Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

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