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    PAX Day 1


    Friday at PAX was busy. Things started for me getting off a red-eye flight from Redmond landing at 9:30am in Boston. I headed right over to Microsoft NERD for Major Nelson’s morning Tweet-up. I realized Microsoft Surface was there too late to get some new games loaded up, but I don’t think the crowd minded. Most of them were there to talk to Major and the Xbox team. Those that found Surface were really happy just to play.

    IMG_0611I chatted with gamers for about an hour after Major Nelson’s talk. It was a lot of fun to see the excitement generated and their brains spinning thinking of what they’d like to see on the platform.

    It wasn’t long before some of that wish was fulfilled. A number of people said that playing Dungeons & Dragons (See my post for more) on Surface was in their top 10 list for the conference.

    IMG_0622If you can believe it, play went into the night, wrapping up at 2am. If you are at PAX and haven’t played yet, come find us in Room 111 by the tabletop games. It’s hard to find, but a worthy quest.

    - Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

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    Surface and Carnegie Mellon at PAX with D&D


    For the uninitiated to the Penny Arcade Expo, I can best describe it as a gaming conference by the fans, for the fans. This conference is normally held in Seattle to sell out and capacity crowds. This year Gabe and Tycho gave the fans (which includes themselves) even more by expanding to Boston with PAX East. This has made it accessible to even more fans who couldn't make the trek to Seattle. Intrigued? There's a brilliant blog post that puts PAX in perspective.

    I’ve been talking a lot about the Carnegie Mellon University grad student project that brought the Dungeons & Dragons proof-of-concept to Microsoft Surface. You can learn more about WHY (and read the disclosures that it’s an academic project and not a shipping application) in my previous blog post on the topic. It will help put this into perspective as to why it is relevant to Surface.

    This is the second time Surface has been at PAX. The reception is just as warm here in Boston. We’re located in the tabletop gaming area, room 111. (Tabletop HQ & Library) Fans of Surface or D&D can sit down and play with the Carnegie Mellon team. If you’re at PAX, you really should stop by – even if D&D isn’t your cup of tea – you’ll find out just how accessible Surface can make this game for the uninitiated.

    I’ll be reporting in throughout the weekend, so make sure to check back in.

    - Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

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    Raise of Hands: Do you use the Surface Simulator? Do you use the Surface Simulator APIs?


    Dear Readers,

    Hello, I am Luis Cabrera, the Program Manager responsible for the Surface SDK. I would like to get a better idea for the usage of some of the functionality we have exposed in our Surface SDK in the past.

    For those of you who are developing using the Microsoft Surface SDK, I would like you to respond to the following questions:

    1. Do you know about the Surface Simulator? (y/n)
    2. Do you use the Surface Simulator? (y/n)
    3. Do you know about the Surface Simulator APIs? (y/n)
    4. Do you use the Surface Simulator APIs? (y/n)

    Any additional comments regarding how you test your applications: ________________

     You can respond to this post, or if your prefer to respond privately, please shoot me an email at luisca at




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