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    Vectorform Game Studio and The Settlers of Catan


    CatanThis week, Origins Game Fair attendees will get the first glimpse at Settlers of Catan on Surface. The game has been developed on Surface by the Microsoft Surface strategic partner, Vectorform and brought to the show by Mayfair Games. Ever since Surface was first released, I’ve heard people say, “I’d love to see Settlers of Catan on Surface.”  Now, their wish is granted. Microsoft Surface is in a variety of lobbies, cruise ships and other venues all over the world. Venue owners interested in purchasing this game should contact Vectorform for more information on availability.

    Settlers of Catan has been at the front of the pack when it comes to strategic board games. It has been translated into over 30 languages and has sold more than 15 million copies. We’ve seen it on many different platforms, including the PC and Xbox 360. Surface, while digital, brings the game back to the tabletop with real-world objects. Four people can play and interact all at the same time on Surface’s large 30” screen. You can learn more about the game, still in development, over at the Vectorform blog.

    We hope to see more video footage coming out of Origins Game Fair this week. If you’re at the event, look for the Mayfair Games booth, #501 (hint: they have the largest exhibitor space at the show) and let us know over at Twitter if you’ve posted any video.

    [Video: Vectorform - The Settlers of Catan]

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     - Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

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    Microsoft Surface Bluetooth Connect Code Sample Now Available for Download


    This sample helps developers integrate Bluetooth connectivity into their Microsoft Surface applications.  It can be used to can send content to Bluetooth equipped mobile devices – without the need for client-side applications.

    The sample demonstrates sharing pictures, contacts and ringtones to a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone; with a whole range of additional possibilities enabling enhanced assisted sales, gaming, education, and communication scenarios.

    The Microsoft Surface Bluetooth Connect Code Sample is now available for download from the MSDN Code Gallery at:  http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/Surface-Bluetooth-Connect-570fa881

    This code sample is designed for use with the Microsoft Surface 1.0 SP1 SDK and makes use of the .NET Bluetooth library binary file available from http://32feet.net/default.aspx.  The sample code is provided "as-is" and is not supported.

    [Video: Microsoft Surface Bluetooth Connect Code Sample]

    - Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

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    Galactic Alliance, four player gaming on Surface


    Galactic AllianceJoe and Filip from Vectorform, a Microsoft Surface strategic partner, were in Redmond recently to show me some of their applications. Galactic Alliance is one I can easily see fitting in at pubs, lobbies or cruise ships. Surface is all about people coming together.

    Galactic Alliance is a four player strategy / arcade game that pits you and your fellow players against aliens determined to invade planet Earth. This addictive tower defense-like game draws you in with some easy waves of invaders at first, and then ramps it up. Soon all four players are working together to produce enough defensive weapons to keep the increasingly sturdy enemy fleet at bay. On the technical side, this game uses finger orientation supplied by the Surface platform to create a smooth co-operative or competitive gaming experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

    Vectorform is now making this game available for sale. If you have a Surface unit in your venue and you’re looking for an entertaining title, contact Vectorform and get Galactic Alliance.

    [Video: Galactic Alliance on Microsoft Surface]

    - Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

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