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    How do you use the following SDK tools...

    The Surface SDK Team is looking for your feedback with regards to the tools available on our SDK. 
    We would like to know if you use the following tools, how often you use them, and what you use them for:

    1. InputVisualizer tool.
    2. SurfaceStress tool.
    3. Identity Tag Printing tool.

    Also, are there any features you would like to see in these tools or additional tools that would be valuable to you?
    Your feedback is valuable to us.
    Luis E. Cabrera
    Microsoft Surface
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    The Weather Channel on Microsoft Surface


    Screens.Still002Andy Drooker and Crispin Southwell from The Weather Channel were in our booth at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference demonstrating an application that they built for Microsoft Surface. It is amazingly deep with detailed information when you look at cities, and there are several mapping overlays that can even show animated views of the weather as it is happening.

    I can see this being a popular application at hotels or airports where travelers can get timely weather information where they are and where they are going. This September, the application will be featured in a new show coming to The Weather Channel. Stay tuned for more info.

    [Video: The Weather Channel on Microsoft Surface at WPC 2010]

    - Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

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    nsquared presents their Surface Business Pack


    You may have seen nsquared on our blog before. They are a Microsoft Surface Strategic Partner based in Australia and travelling the world. Dr. Neil with nsquared was recently named our first Surface MVP. We’ve had him into our studio a few times to show us a range of their apps focused on education. Their MakeWords application has been Certified for Microsoft Surface. Recently, Dr. Neil showed me a collection of apps they are calling the nsquared Surface Business Pack.

    The nsquared Surface Business Pack consists of three applications designed to enhance the conversation taking place at the Surface unit. The applications are documents, schedules and thoughts. (Thoughts isn’t shown in the video.) Learn more after the video break.

    [Video: nsquared Business Pack for Microsoft Surface]

    The nsquared documents application allows you to explore and discuss documents being displayed on the screen, these documents can be Word, Excel or Powerpoint files, loaded from a usb key or from a network drive.

    Common questions heard at the meeting room table revolve around the schedules of the attendees. The nsquared schedules application presents the Microsoft Exchange calendar of for each attendee as their business card is placed on the Surface. New meetings can be created by simply placing business cards in the center of the screen.

    The third application (not shown in in the video) is nsquared thoughts. The nsquared thoughts application enables participants to sketch out their thoughts on a blank canvas and then manipulate shapes and images to organize their thoughts.

    These applications can be purchased individually or as a pack from nsquared.

    - Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

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