The last time we looked at The Settlers of Catan on Microsoft Surface was when the game was unveiled at Origins in June. Now it’s on the way to GenCon Indy this week, and the digital version of the game is looking even better. Vectorform has implemented physical dice and visors to magically hide cards.

Why are we talking about Catan on Surface? If you are using Surface in waiting rooms, lobbies and lounges, then this is a game you’ll want to keep an eye on. Vectorform, a Microsoft Surface strategic partner, has developed the Surface version of the game in partnership with Microsoft, Catan LLC and Mayfair Games for promotion at conferences and private events leading up to a release available for purchase by Surface customers this holiday season. For more info, check out Vectorform’s press release.

If you’re not familiar with The Settlers of Catan, it is a board game that combines economics, strategy and chance onto a game board that has players negotiating with each other socially (or robbing each other) for resources to win through accumulation of victory points. Victory points are won by building roads, settlements, building an army and the use of special cards. It’s a classic board game that has an estimated 20 million people playing regularly.

Here’s video of a recent walkthrough I was given by the Vectorform team.

[Video: The Settlers of Catan]

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