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Surface Present at MIX 2011

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We are having a great time at MIX 2011, and channel 9 has posted the two presentations we had yesterday. I personally enjoyed talking to so many passionate developers and designers just super interested in Surface 2. You could really feel the excitement in the room!

I know we had a full room (photsynth of the room here) , and that some of you were not allowed to enter the presentation because of that, so now is your chance to take a look at the presentations. I recommend you watch them in order, as my presentation sets the stage for the MVP presentation.

A Whole NUI World: Microsoft Surface 2 and Windows Touch
Luis Cabrera


The Microsoft Surface MVPs Present: Natural User Interfaces, Today and Tomorrow; An Interactive Discussion and Demonstration
Surface MVPs


  • I got my first touch on Surface 2 hardware. Awesome! It will be generous if you can give some prize and get more questions from the audience in your presentation.

  • A very nice session. It is a pity, however, that we wouldn't get a new beta for the Surface 2 SDK to start developing Windows Touch applications right now.

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Surface Present at MIX 2011