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    Social Stream for Microsoft Surface 2.0 posted


    As part of our SDK we have some samples that help developers understand Microsoft Surface development concepts. The goal of the samples that we post on our SDK is to show how to use a given API. In those samples we favor simplicity and clarity sometimes at the expense of how useful the application itself may be. For instance, we have our RawImageVisualizer sample that does a great job showing how to use our Core APIs to query the raw image and show it on the screen; on the other hand all it does is, well, show the raw image.

    We also think it is useful to share with the developer community how to write complete functial applications. I am happy to share with you one of these applications. It is called Social Stream for Microsoft Surface 2.0, and it just got posted to

    Social Stream for Microsoft Surface is a sample application created in collaboration between Microsoft and Stimulant, Inc. It is an interactive way for businesses to engage their customers face-to-face using the most recent and relevant Twitter™, Flickr®, and RSS newsfeeds.

    More information on it at

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    World meet Patty, Patty say "Hello World"


    When I became part of the Microsoft Surface Team almost 3 years ago, as part of the "New Employee Orientation" I had the chance to see how they used robots to stress test Microsoft Surface. I thought that was the most fascinating thing in the world. Until recently, the world did not know about Patty, our stress test robot -- it was one of our "secrets". Channel 9 recently posted an interview with Joe Farro, our Software Test Engineer in charge of Patty. I am posting the video for your enjoyment. And you don't even know about our most useful test tool known as Squiddy -- but that one will have to remain a secret. ;-)


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    Bing™ Maps WPF Control available today!


    The Surface development community has been asking for a WPF map control. Well, I have good new for you. We brought the request to the Bing maps team and they just got it done! Today, the Bing team posted the Beta release for a WPF version of their Bing maps control! We are really excited about the outcome because they will be able to provide an official story around mapping on WPF.

    Download the map control and write some awesome Surface applications.

    I like the control because:

    1. It is consistent with Silverlight version of the control.

    The Bing Map APIs will be consistent with the Silverlight version of the control. If you already know how to use the Silverlight map control, you are set. It will support the following map styles: Road, Aerial and Hybrid.

    2. It is easy to use.

    The XAML below says it all…

    <s:SurfaceWindow x:Class="SurfaceApplication7.SurfaceWindow1"

        xmlns:s="" xmlns:m="clr-namespace:Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.WPF;assembly=Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.WPF" Title="MyMapApplication"  >

                x:Name="Map"  Mode="Aerial"

    3. It is designed with multi-touch in mind

    The map uses WPF4’s manipulation events for scaling, translation and rotation – providing a consistent familiar experience for Microsoft Surface users. The WPF control supports full rotation and inertia with options to turn both
    off. Plus, infinite scroll maps, touch to lat/lon to pixel conversions (think touch to add a pushpin) and the ability to plug into the Bing Maps REST API for geocoding and routing or the Bing API for search.

    Want to learn more about the WPF map control? 
    Check out the Bing Team Blog, or check out the documentation that is part of the download.


    Luis Cabrera
    Platform Program Manager
    Microsoft Surface

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