Microsoft MVP Gian Paolo Santopaolo, with Software Lab, has released a code sample of VideoStream for Microsoft PixelSense. This sample application enables people to search, watch and share their favorite YouTube videos on the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense and other multitouch devices.

VideoStream for Microsoft PixelSense

In addition to creating this really fun app, Gian Paolo has made it available to everyone on MSDN Code Gallery -- which means that you can learn from it and use it as well. What really makes this application stand out is that it's so well designed for several people to share at the same time -- it's a truly multiuser experience.

Gian Paolo's blog, The Dark Side of Dot Net, also has a wealth of background information which goes into the application and user experience design and some detailed information for how to develop the code. This blog is really a great resource for anyone that is interested in natural user interface development.

To learn more about VideoStream for Microsoft PixelSense please click here.