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  • Blog Post: Surface at Gnomedex 10

    Don't forget to check out your blog entries from Gnomedex out on Microsoft Surface . If you made a post in your blog, and you supplied your RSS feed when you registered, you'll see it up on Surface in our Live Streams application. Plus, any tweets or Flickr images that have Gnomedex in them will be flagged...
  • Blog Post: Have you been to Gnomedex?

    What is Gnomedex all about ? People. Technology. Social. I would put it in that order. I was fortunate to be a part of Gnomedex 9.0 with Microsoft Surface . Six months ago, I had no idea what Gnomedex was and I had only heard of Chris Pirillo . Then Betsy (from Bing ) emailed me in February and said...
  • Blog Post: Chris Pirillo stopped by..

    We had the great honor of a visit from Chris Pirillo yesterday. He's a tech community hub , blogger , live-video blogger and tech expert for CNN . He's also the founder and host for Gnomedex . He and Mona stopped by to chat about the logistics of me bringing Microsoft Surface to the conference - plus...
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