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  • Blog Post: Health care, VitraView by InterKnowlogy

    You may have seen the future of computing demo at CES 2009 which featured Microsoft Surface . Today I'm going to share with you, not the future, but an amazing application that is here today . Tim Huckaby from InterKnowlogy shows us VitraView, their medical application that lets doctors and patients...
  • Blog Post: Wedding Demo, a WPF developer's story

    Planning your big day ? Or maybe CES 2010 ? Brad Cunningham at InterKnowlogy shows us an application that just might help with the planning in the future. As a research project at InterKnowlogy over about five days, Brad and a colleague put together this app that they see broader future potential than...
  • Blog Post: XNA Blocks with InterKnowlogy

    Here's something fun. Take a developer and a few hours time and you've got the app below from Rodney Guzman with InterKnowlogy . The app is a bunch of cubes in a box that you can interact with your hands. What's great about this app is that it shows the power of having a vision system in Microsoft Surface...
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