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  • Blog Post: Terminology

    Stepping back a little bit from my previous posts, I’d like to lay out some of the basic terminology you’ll see myself and others using here. Surface & surface Surface with a big ‘S’ is our product name and refers to the entire hardware+software+services package. With a little ‘s’, surface...
  • Blog Post: How creating Surface apps is different, part 1

    In winter/spring of this year I was asked to do some applications-development training for our internal teams in China and Japan as well as our external partners. In addition to my own experiences developing Surface apps, I talked with many team members about what they thought future developers should...
  • Blog Post: ScatterView

    The Photos app is one of the most popular ones to demo. People really love the type of natural interactions it enables. David Anson was so inspired that he wrote a Silverlight demo with similar behavior. Miguel de Icaza then expanded on that to do an impressive demo of the Moonlight project. Those...
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