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  • Blog Post: DaVinci - Microsoft Surface Physics Illustrator

    A short while back, Razorfish created this brilliant video to show off a physics engine they created on Microsoft Surface . I've posted previously about other physics engines . They are almost always a lot of fun. This one reminds me a bit of Crayon Physics Deluxe , of which I am a big fan. But when...
  • Blog Post: Surface Physics

    I've posted before about some cool physics on Microsoft Surface with a fluid simulation and the Wii balance board mashup. People love touching the water on Surface. I have Crayon Physics Deluxe on my notebook too and it's brilliant. Internally, our devs have created several different physics simulators...
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Wii balance board and Microsoft Surface mashup by Stimulant

    Before we bid adieu to 2008, I thought we could take one more look at the Nintendo Wii balance board mashup that Stimulant did a while back. You can see the original demo video and I also chatted with Josh and Darren while out in San Francisco in the video below. One of the great things about the...
  • Blog Post: Demos with Loose Cannon Studios

    As promised, here's the follow up to my earlier post . I have two additional videos below. The first is a demo of the applications Joel built as he was learning to develop on Microsoft Surface. The second is a casual game that he created on the platform.
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