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  • Blog Post: Surface Garage: ModeSelector sample control

    From the Surface Garage Surface Garage is a community of Microsoft employees that are passionate about Microsoft Surface , Samsung SUR40 , computer vision, and natural user interface (NUI) technologies. Last year TechCrunch reporter Devin Coldewey visited the Surface Garage wrote a great article that...
  • Blog Post: Can't multi-touch this!

    One of my colleagues just dug up this photo from TechCrunch50. It's a TwitPic from jacobmullins of MC Hammer using Microsoft Surface. Next thing you know the really chic nerds will be sporting parachute pants . While we're on 80's nostalgia, just say no!
  • Blog Post: Ashton Kutcher thinks Surface is cool

    Years from now we'll look back remember, today was the day Ashton Kutcher said our favorite NUI device was cool. Scanning the blog traffic I noticed over on Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing that Microsoft Surface made quite an impression at this year’s TechCrunch50 event. Dodge was in the DemoPit,...
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