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  • Blog Post: Surface SDK 1.0 SP1 supports XNA Game Studio 3.0 and later

    Prior to SP1 the Surface SDK supported only XNA Game Studio 2.0, which lacked support for Visual Studio 2008. Most people don't know it, but our the Surface SDK 1.0 SP1 release added support for XNA Game Studio 3.0 and later. And starting with version 3.0, XNA Game Studio supports Visual Studio 2008...
  • Blog Post: Developing on Microsoft Surface

    The great thing about developing on Microsoft Surface is that it's based on standard Microsoft tools and practices. If you're a .NET developer working with WPF or familiar with XNA , you can get up and running on Microsoft Surface relatively quickly. Once you've purchased Microsoft Surface , the first...
  • Blog Post: Video of Microsoft Surface SP1 from CrunchGear

    Hot on the heels of our Microsoft Surface SP1 release today , Devin Coldewey released this video and an article on CrunchGear . He was in our offices last week to get a sneak preview. Check it out. - Eric
  • Blog Post: Service Pack 1 Officially Released Today!

    Here at Microsoft Surface we've been actively engaged with our Community of customers and nearly 180 Microsoft Surface Partners in 11 countries. And in response to the feedback we received, we developed Service Pack 1 to allow for faster and easier development of innovative, natural experiences on the...
  • Blog Post: XNA Blocks with InterKnowlogy

    Here's something fun. Take a developer and a few hours time and you've got the app below from Rodney Guzman with InterKnowlogy . The app is a bunch of cubes in a box that you can interact with your hands. What's great about this app is that it shows the power of having a vision system in Microsoft Surface...
  • Blog Post: Demos with Loose Cannon Studios

    As promised, here's the follow up to my earlier post . I have two additional videos below. The first is a demo of the applications Joel built as he was learning to develop on Microsoft Surface. The second is a casual game that he created on the platform.
  • Blog Post: Developer talk with Loose Cannon Studios

    A while back I met with some bloggers to show them what goes on inside the doors at Microsoft Surface. One thing I heard again and again was, "Show us more!" Over the next several weeks I'll be on the road across the US showing you applications and talking to the people who developed them. Before...
  • Blog Post: Development Frameworks

    I’ve gotten a number of emails from people who are really psyched about Surface and are wondering how to best prepare themselves to eventually be able to build killer apps for it. My best advice is to start building up expertise in the latest .NET UI frameworks since one of our goals is to make sure...
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