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    The Photos app is one of the most popular ones to demo.  People really love the type of natural interactions it enables. 


    David Anson was so inspired that he wrote a Silverlight demo with similar behavior.  Miguel de Icaza then expanded on that to do an impressive demo of the Moonlight project.  Those are both pretty cool, but manipulating photos with a mouse isn’t nearly as much fun or intuitive as using your hands.  Plus, David & Miguel had to write a bunch of code just to handle some basic manipulations.  Using the WPF layer of the Surface SDK, here’s an equivalent that I quickly whipped up in Expression Blend:






                <Image Source="Toco Toucan.jpg"/>

                <Image Source="Green Sea Turtle.jpg"/>

                <Image Source="Desert Landscape.jpg"/>




    ScatterView is a custom ItemsControl in our SDK which apps can databind or populate with any type of content.  Simply sticking some Image elements in it gives you a basic Photos-like app without writing any code.  By baking common manipulations into WPF SDK controls like this, we’re able to free developers up to focus on things that are unique to their apps while designers use Blend to add some custom pizazz.

    VIDEO:  By the way, we just posted a video online showing off a bit of the SDK, including the ScatterView control.  Let us know what you think - if people enjoy these, I'll try to do more.


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    Surface in Boston This Week


    Any Boston-area Surface enthusiasts out there?

    We're bringing Surface (three to be exact) to the lobby of the Sheraton Boston Hotel (39 Dalton Street Boston, MA 02199) on Saturday, November 10th from 10am to 3pm.

    Music Hands

    We'll be showcasing how the Sheraton plans to utilize Surface in their hotel environments, as well as all the other cool announcement demos...ever wanted to play with the Paint demo, listen to music samples, or solve the Video Puzzle (I'll buy the first person a drink if they can solve the puzzle in under a's that for a gaunlet...good luck with that).

    Stop on by and say HI.


    K. Robert Warnick

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    Development Frameworks


    I’ve gotten a number of emails from people who are really psyched about Surface and are wondering how to best prepare themselves to eventually be able to build killer apps for it.  My best advice is to start building up expertise in the latest .NET UI frameworks since one of our goals is to make sure those skills are directly transferable to Surface.


    Our SDK has two layers: Core & WPF.  The Core layer officially supports any .NET UI framework that provides an hwnd but is designed specifically with XNA in mind.  The WPF layer provides the same functionality as the Core layer but it does so in a way that is highly consistent with WPF’s model for input & controls.


    For those learning WPF, pay close attention to Dependency Properties & Routed Events.  These are important concepts that I’ve noticed people often gloss over.  Understanding how they work and knowing how to leverage them will have a big impact on your productivity in building Surface apps (and WPF apps in general).


    I’ll elaborate a bit more on our WPF integration in later posts.


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