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    Welcome to Jeff's Surface Hardware Blog


    Hi, My name is Jeff Westerinen, and welcome to my blog.  I lead hardware development for Surface here at Microsoft, and I’ll be sharing some insights on Surface hardware from time to time here on this blog.  We have some pretty talented people on our team, which consists of developers, testers and program managers.  The developers are the ones that actually design the hardware – these folks are the electrical, mechanical and optical engineers that have created all of the electronics, the chassis and the vision and display systems.  The testers are the people that take Surface hardware thru its paces, making sure that each and every component works as it should.  Our program managers have many different kinds of tasks, including creation of specifications, managing the overall schedule and generally keeping things on track.


    I’ll be posting some of my experiences with hardware development on Surface and sharing some of the latest news on the hardware front.  I’ll also be including people on the hardware team on this blog, who can share some of their work with you directly.


    I’m incredibly excited to be part of the Surface team.  Every day brings a different set of challenges and experiences, and I hope to be sharing lots of this with you in the future.


    Thanks for reading!





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    SDK Introduction


    Hi there!  My name is Robert Levy and I’m the Program Manager for the Surface SDK.  I’m responsible for driving our APIs and UI controls in addition to the overall experience developers go through in building awesome apps for Surface.  Before joining Surface, I worked on the Windows Mobile SDK.  One of my favorite parts of that job was interacting with developers on the team blog and conference circuit so I’m very excited that our secret is out so we can now start up this blog to share our excitement and some more product details with you on an ongoing basis.


    I’ll be putting up a couple posts each month to give you a peek into what my part of the team is up to.  My plan is to talk about our goals with the SDK, the concepts it embodies, our process for building it, and how we’ve addressed some complex issues.  That said, please post a comment if there are particular platform-related topics you’d like to see discussed.


    Oh, one more thing up front… for v1, we’re focused on delivering a great platform by working closely with a short list of strategic partners & ISVs.  Eventually the opportunity to purchase hardware & the SDK will expand but we know that staying focused on our current v1 targets is the best way to ensure the delivery of a great product that can later be expanded to serve other markets (including the consumer market).  Those interested in future opportunities can visit and write to the email address at the bottom of the “Partners” section.



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    Pumpkin Carving...The Surface Way


    Okay so it's a tisch dated...but only by a couple of days.

    Check it out...

    Have a great weekend everyone,

    K Robert Warnick

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