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    Surface business up and running



    “The future is here right now; it’s just highly distributed.”

    So quipped my friend Bill Buxton, one of the doyens of surface computing here @ Microsoft.  In a lot of ways, we’re trying to offer a twist on that with Microsoft Surface, our first product in this exciting category.  It represents years of focus and passion by a small legion of really smart people around the globe bent on doing one thing; cherry-picking all of the little features that make technology so cool and delivering a user experience that’s fast, easy and, natural.

    Business and Pleasure:  The Leisure and Entertainment Sector

    Through these posts I’ll be filling you in on the details of how we’re taking Surface from the Lab into your Life.  We have a nice squad of bloggers here, each with their own angle on things.   My team’s angle is business.  That means bravely charting a course where few in our company have gone before.   We are creating a new category and putting together the right plan to grow value.  We have a lot of “partners” in the value equation; leading brands in leisure and entertainment like Starwood Hotels and Harrah’s Entertainment to name a couple.  We’re also partnering with best-in-breed ISV’s from Web 2.0 shops to accomplished game developers. 

    As we enhance our focus on the Leisure and Entertainment sector, we’d love to hear you think about venues that would be appealing to have your first Surface experience!

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    Quick note on the Multitouch and Surface Computing Workshop


    Quick note to announce that the Multitouch and Surface Computing workshop at CHI 2009 (Boston, MA) was a resounding success! I (tried my best to) capture each session with my handheld video camera and I will work with each presenter to make sure that they are okay with sharing their work more publically… Today is day one of the conference and attendance (from what I was told) has remained stable but there are more students represented this year. This is an interesting trend compared to industry conferences, where (according to our very own Barb Marshall) attendance is generally reduced but more decision makers are represented. Back to sessions. Stay tuned.

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    Hello from San Francisco!


    UX WeekDennis Wixon, our user research manager in Microsoft Surface, is in San Francisco for UX Week 2008. He's at the Palace Hotel getting ready to talk to some user experience professionals tomorrow. UX Week is a conference that caters to the user experience audience and lets attendees and speakers gather together to discuss what products and services are needed to create a great user experience in today's world.

    I caught up with him before he left Redmond. Dennis was excited to discuss how surface computing is changing the user experience and helps showcase emotional innovation to its audience.

    I’ll get the low down from Dennis after the presentation. I'm hoping we can get some video and some photos from the event to share with you. Until then…


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