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    New nsquared games bring more fun to SUR40


    New games from nsquared solutions bring five new games to the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense. The games pack is available now and includes nsquared spacelanes, minesweeper, treasure hunter, jigsaw, and 21.



    nsquare spacelanes

    Spacelanes is a fast paced action game for one or more players. Quickly guide your starships to their landing zones to score points, but don't let them crash! Spacelanes supports a variety of modes to cater for everyone:

    • Single player mode
    • Co-operative mode
    • Multiplayer versus mode (up to 4 players)



    nsquared minesweeper

    The classic minesweeper game has been revamped with a new look for Microsoft Surface! The object of the game is to clear the minefield in the fastest time possible without detonating any mines, are you up to the task? Some of the great features of nsquared minesweeper include:

    • Single or co-operative play
    • A leaderboard containing the fastest completion times



    nsquared treasure hunter

    This competitive puzzle game pits two players against each other in a race to uncover the most treasure buried on a remote island. Find a friend and see which of you is the better treasure hunter!

    • Fun competitive gameplay
    • Turn based puzzle game
    • Quick and easy to learn



    nsquared jigsaw

    Now you can enjoy the classic tabletop puzzle on the SUR40. Choose your own image and piece count, create, and play! Find a few friends and work on a jigsaw together!

    • Great collaborative game
    • Natural jigsaw experience



    nsquared 21

    One of the most well known card games in the world is available right now for the Samsung SUR40. Play alone or with up to four friends and beat the dealer!

    • Quick, easy gameplay
    • Intuitive controls


     For more Microsoft PixelSense related videos be sure to check out our YouTube page.

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    Marrying up ideas and tools and developers


    From the first post, I've really enjoyed the feedback around what kinds of verticals Microsoft should pursue with Surface.  So many of you have raised your hand for education, which is awesome!  There are some great blogs around experimental and philanthropic educational efforts on technorati that are worthy of exploration.

    Other responses so far have talked about the emphasis on software development, and that's what I want to run with today.  Robert's been posting a lot about our SDK, which is getting better with every iteration.  As we begin to reach out to the developer community I'm curious about what experiences people have had using tools like Expression Blend and Visual Studio.  And what web sites running on Silverlight are impressive to you? 

    Ultimately, software development is a marriage of people, tools and ideas.  We want to hear from you about experiences using the tools above or other tools that you find particularly compelling.


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    Property Sense for the SUR40 makes debut in the United Kingdom


    Microsoft PixelSense Development Partner, Solatys, introduces Property Sense, an application that provides a unique approach to property searching for customers visiting real estate agencies. This new app for the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense enables more informed buyers and more property viewings, creating a dynamic and engaging experience.

    “The immediate reaction we’ve got at the moment is ‘wow’! This is a very unique and different way of engaging with a prospective customer,” says Colin Siggs, Director at Just Property. “I would go as far as saying that ten times out of ten, everybody that we’ve had into this office who are looking to sell their property have given us an opportunity to give them a market appraisal and I believe that’s on the strength of this table. It is the most unique marketing tool for an estate agent. It just gives us the edge.”

    Property Sense by Solatys

    The SUR40 adds new dimension to this application. Properties get displayed on a Bing map where full property details can be displayed on screen and shared between different customers. Property details can be printed, emailed, and instantly scanned to the customer’s phone through the help of Microsoft Tags, or added to a shopping basket for later comparison and browsing. The basket can also be saved for later retrieval.

    Property Sense implements physical objects to provide powerful search filtering capabilities based on property types and map region. This brings an added value to customers by reducing the time needed to find what they want. The application remains connected to the real estate agency’s property database system, enabling real-time synchronizations and up-to-date information.

    This application is deployed in the United Kingdom with the help of Solatys’ local partner, Astec Technology. They recently installed the Property Sense solution into the new office of Just Property in Hastings, East Sussex. The use of Property Sense on the SUR40 had an immediate and very positive impact on customers visiting their office.

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