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    Development Introduction


    Hello!  I’m Kevin Kennedy and I’m a software developer on the Surface Team.  I’ve been on this project since Jan ‘04.  I primarily do applications development and even got to write some of the demo apps that we’ve been showing.  In addition to development I’ve also been able to take on short-term roles like demonstrator, trainer, Surface technician, user research assistant, “ideator”, person to help lift heavy things, and now blogger.  Other products I’ve worked on at Microsoft include Windows 95, Outlook, and Smartphone/PPC.


    My posts here will be related to Surface software development.  I hope to talk about interesting parts of the system from the cameras up through the applications.  There will also be some trips down memory lane to share how we got where we are.


    I’ve seen this project through a lot of twists and turns.  The thing that has really impressed me is the faith that upper management has had in this technology and the user experience we want to provide.  I think a lot of that is the magic you experience when you first interact with the Surface.  After having to keep quiet about this project for such a long time, I’m psyched that we can now involve more people in the Surface community.

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    User Experience Introduction


    Hello.  My name is Ali Vassigh and I manage Surface's User Experience team.   My team of designers and writers are responsible for defining and creating your experience with all the aspects of Surface  you can see, hear, touch, and generally interact with as a consumer.   From the physical form and materials to the digital user interface, we're taking advantage of all the technical wonders and pushing it even further to ensure new higher standards for ease-of-use, delight, and wow.


    Like all members of the team, we're happy Surface has been publicly announced and we can finally talk about it with our family, friends, and you.  It is truly exciting to be here at the beginning working on the next revolutionary interaction paradigm, but it's not just demos and concepts; MS Surface is a real product that's part of a real product development process with deadlines, constraints, and plenty of challenges (not all of them technical :-).  


    I'll post often to talk about the cool and unique things you'll see and do when using Surface, some of our design challenges, and to address various questions and comments posted by you or floating out there in the blogosphere.  On occasion, I'll interview various members of the team so you can hear from different perspectives and get the inside scoop directly from the hands-on experts.


     Stay tuned,


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    Surface Computing has arrived and so has our blog


    Microsoft Surface 


    Welcome to the Microsoft Surface blog. Our first post!


    Our plan with this blog is to share the latest and greatest developments within our group, meet our unique team, give you sneak peeks at new features, apps, demos and cool UX interactions. We’ll post pictures, interviews with the team, cool links, and direct you to a host of new web videos showcasing Surface that no one’s ever seen before. Hopefully this becomes your go-to site when you think of Surface, beyond that is.


    We’ve pulled together a cross functional team (software, hardware, user experience, marketing and biz dev) to share their unique perspectives as they each work to bring this revolutionary product to market. Over the coming days you’ll get to meet each one of these folks as they post their thoughts on Surface and the opportunity ahead. Then, we’ll see where it goes from there, maybe a couple of posts a week…when we’ve got news or interesting insights to share. Oh...and in addition, we hope to feature guest bloggers now and again, maybe a noted researcher who’s advised our team or a partner that’s getting ready to deploy Surface in their business. Lot's of goodness ahead...



    -K Robert Warnick, Sr. Marketing Communications Manager


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